Calgary Garage Door Sales

Calgary Garage Door Sales

There are various ways to breathe new life to your home's exterior, and one of which is incorporating a garage door. Garage doors are perfect for every home, whether a new home or an existing one. Not all homeowners can afford to change their garage door often, hence, finding the perfect blend of fashion, function, and affordability to last over a long period becomes an essential part of the process. 

We'll like to help you make the most appropriate decision for your home, and that's why this buying guide provides you with detailed information on different garage door materials and choosing the right one for your home. 

After finding your choice of garage doors and you're eager to find the right store for purchase, Advantage Doors has the best Calgary garage door sales collections that will blow your mind.   

Different Garage Door Materials and Things You Should Consider

Garage doors exist in different material types. However, the common types are wood, steel, aluminium frame with glass panels, and fibreglass. When comparing these garage door materials, many factors come to play in deciding what choice of material you'll choose. These factors include; 

  • Style preference,
  • The amount of insulation you require,
  • Maintenance,
  • How long you want your door to last, and
  • How your garage door choice blends with your home exterior.

Also, it's possible to order for some garage door material with specific design features you need. In that case, Advantage Doors' experts will provide you with a variety of options to select from.    

Garage Door Has Evolved With Time

In the last decade, garage doors experienced massive advancement in their construction. The contemporary garage door comes with more benefit than the previous years, and they include;   

  • Longer life-span,
  • Increased durability,
  • Reduced maintenance,
  • More adequate insulation features and
  • More design and style options. 

These improvements are what help the modern garage doors boost your home value and curb appeal. 


Steel makes up one of the most common garage door materials. It's affordable, highly customizable and requires less maintenance. It's suitable for all kind of weather, and you can give it whatever finish you wish. 

However, the durability and insulation of steel garage door solely depend on the steel type and thickness you invest in. Steel thickness is one main factor that determines garage doors durability.   

Wood Composite

Wood composites are products from recycled wood fibres. One significant benefit of wood composite is that it offers strength and durability just like steel, with an aesthetic look similar to wood.  

We'll recommend that you opt for a wood composite garage door if you like a wood garage's aesthetic appeal. However, it's not ideal for all climate. Wood composite doesn't get rotten as regular wood does.  


Aluminium is very similar to steel in terms of versatility. The use of aluminium garage doors is common among many homeowners due to its affordability among other garage door options. 

Aluminium is faced with durability challenges when used for garage doors. Although it looks likes steel, it's never as durable as steel. It doesn't work as a good insulator, and it's easily dented.  


Fibreglass material gained more popularity in coastal regions. And this is due to its saltwater resistance over other materials and its decent job in keeping the garage cool in scorching weather.   

Its durability is topnotch when compared with aluminium and thin steel. It's highly customizable and affordable. One problem with fibreglass is that the customized finish can sometimes fade away, resulting from weather exposure. 

  • Choosing the Right Garage Door Material for Your Home

Before concluding on settling with a particular garage door material, you must consider your home location and environment and the type of aesthetic you'd love your home to create. It's also necessary to consider the functions you'd want your garage door to perform. Lastly, never leave your budget behind. 

And if you're in search of the store with the best Calgary garage door sales, look elsewhere beyond Advantage Doors. Why not take the first bold step towards acquiring your new garage door today by getting a free quote from Advantage Doors. 

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