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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Building a house without a door prevents accessibility and adequate security. And this is why special time is allotted to the construction of doors. Today, our modern-day has seen the introduction of different doors in great contemporary styles, from metal glass doors to wood, aluminum, flush, paneled, battened, ledges doors, and so on. However, barn doors are rapidly gaining popularity among others due to their unique attributes.


Barn doors do not mean doors used in barns; they are the modern doors usually used in homes because of their exquisite nature of wide slides. Sliding barn door hardware is a good fit for homes because of its nature to maximize space. Barn doors are easier to install than other types of doors, and they come in different colors and sizes. They also require a bottom track to function.


The sliding door hardware kit must possess a high quality for it to be a bargain. One of the primary features of a door is its use to secure the home, so it must entail the best hardware. This ensures high performance for it to move within the tracks without any noise. This will cost a bit more than the conventional doors, but it worth an investment as it complements your home decorations.  

However, purchasing from us will see you enjoy our affordable price offers compared to others. Barn door hardware requires proper space to slide properly in its track. Since it helps to maximize space compared to a swinging door, you need a wall space equal to one size of the door. If you want double doors, then the wall space's size must be equal to the two doors' size. There should not be any light switch, outlet, window, and the likes that may prevent the door from sliding or capable of scratching it when it slides.

This is also one reason why sliding barn doors are a bit more expensive, but we've got you covered on affordable pricing and installation.


Sliding barn doors require tracks to enable them to function well. This bottom track makes the barn door not swing back and forth against the wall. You should allow adequate space for the track in-between the bottom of the door and the floor so it can move freely without any hindrance. If you do not want your barn door to fall off the track every other time, engage us to procure the best barn door track service.


We'll walk you down through the selection and installation process. We'll help you select the best barn door handles and barn door pulls to enable easy sliding of the door and shut it without any issues. We make use of the best-recessed pull on the inside to allow your door to clear any internal obstruction when you slide the door open from the outside.

We create rustic barn doors carefully by ensuring we meet your specific needs while also excelling in international best practices. Our expertise spans over two decades, and it helps us easily source the best hardware kits to deliver the job of your dreams. We have a policy of making our excellent service affordable to all.

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Sliding Barn Door Hardware
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Sliding Barn Door Hardware Sliding Barn Door Hardware Sliding Barn Door Hardware