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Carriage-house Garage Door Styles – Buyer’s Guide

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Carriage-house styles are fast rising in popularity, blending the practicality and function of the modern overhead door with the old-school charm of the carriage house design. Full of rustic personality and with a variety of custom design possibilities, these garage doors add a beautiful touch to your home exterior.

Generally speaking, carriage house designs are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, the investment is well worth the initial cost, as the eye-catching addition can help net a buyer for your property.

Traditional Carriage House Designs

A variety of design styles are available for the four-layered highly insulated build. All reminiscent of classic carriage houses, these can be single or two-toned, and made of wood or steel. Traditional carriage house styles add flair to simple homes, and complement turn-of-the-century builds perfectly.

Long and Short Bead Board Panel Design

Carriage house styles can also be customized according to your personal preference for panel styles. Bead board designs are timeless, and look fantastic in a wood grain or smooth color. These suit farmhouse styles to perfection, as well as heavier brick builds and older properties.

Recessed Panel Style

Recessed panels offer additional texture to your garage door, exuding classic style and individuality. They offer a beautiful complement to heavy builds!

Raised Panel Styles

Raised panel styles, much like their recessed counterparts, add texture to your garage door. These designs are eye-catching without being ostentatious or overwhelming. They offer a timeless, classical feel, while generally remaining crowd pleasers. A popular alternative to classic carriage house styles, they can be made to look modern or traditional, depending on personal preference.

With a wide variety of accessories available, such as handles, hinges, and window inserts, you can make your carriage house style garage door as traditional or original as you want it to be!

For details on any of the above models, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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