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Common Technical Issues

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to fix technical issues by yourself. Without appropriate knowledge and equipment, these tasks can be dangerous and as such should only be performed by trained professionals.

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I heard a loud, sudden noise coming from my garage!

If you heard a loud, sudden ‘‘bang’’ coming from your garage, one or both of your garage door springs are likely broken. A door with a broken spring will be unusually heavy and impossible to lift manually. 

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My garage door is tilted or crooked!

If your garage door is tilted at an angle, one of your cables has in all likelihood fallen off the drum or tore. A variety of situations could be the underlying cause to this common technical issue.

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My garage door won’t close and keeps starting back up!

If your door starts closing but cannot do so successfully, your safety sensors might be at fault. This could be an easy repair you could perform yourself by ensuring the sensors are aligned with each other, displaying a solid light, and no item stands in their way. However, keep in mind that there are other causes to this common problem!

My garage door is only partially opening!

If your garage door starts opening but cannot do so fully, your garage door opener might be at fault. This technical issues has many potential causes and as such requires inspection.

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My garage door opener is working, but my garage door won’t open!

If you can hear your garage door opener working, and your door is not coming up, make sure your door is engaged to your motor ( isn’t in manual mode). This issue can also be caused by a problematic gear – a problem that requires inspection.

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My garage door is noisy!

If your garage door is particularly noisy, it might be time to lubricate your hinges and rollers (we recommend 3-in-1 Professional Garage Door Lube, available at Canadian Tire). If this does not solve the problem, it might be time for a professional inspection and maintenance.

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