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Garage Door Accessories – Buyer’s Guide

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Personalizing your garage door in addition to garage door repairs doesn’t end with custom windows and a stunning paint job. A variety of accessories are available to enhance your overhead door’s appearance! Several options are also available for your garage, boosting its practicality.

Garage Door Hinges and Handles

Hinges and handles can be a wonderful finishing touch for your garage door. Some styles are even magnetic, ensuring you get perfect placement and the possibility to change it up easily down the line! Commonly seen on carriage house style garage doors, these additions add another layer of personality to your home exterior.

Garage Flooring

Amarr’s G-FLOOR garage flooring adds practicality to your garage, and looks great doing it! A durable flooring made of polyvinyl, the G-FLOOR protects your garage surface from the salt and mud of Albertan winters. It also protects your floor surface from battery acid, grease, oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and other common chemicals used in vehicle maintenance.

With several patterns and colors available, you can now protect your floor while insulating and dampening sound in style! Protective flooring is a practical choice for anyone who spends time in their garage.

Protective Screens

A simple protective screen can make your life much easier during mosquito season. Keeping pests out while allowing fresh air inside lets you work or gather in your garage undisturbed. A great example is Amarr’s AirScreen with a sturdy fiberglass frame, velcro attachments and side zippers.

Protective screens and netting can be rolled up when unused, don’t interfere with garage door opening and closing, and come in a variety of sizes – from standard to custom.

Sensor Protection

Garage door sensor guards are an incredibly useful addition to your garage door hardware. These sturdy plastic covers prevent the sensors from becoming misaligned. Garage door photo-eye sensors need to be perfectly aligned to function. Keeping them this way helps prevent calling out technicians unnecessarily, saving you time and money!

Contact us with any inquiries regarding these garage door accessories!

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