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Garage Door Finish – Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing your garage door finish is what makes your door truly personalized! It can be as bold or as discreet as you like. Different types of garage doors boast different types of available finishes. Whether your overhead door is traditional, carriage house style, or contemporary, you can make a strong statement with the variety of available garage door finishes.

With a slew of available wood stains, and over 700 Sherwin Williams paint options, customizing your garage door has never been this easy!

Wood Garage Door Finishes

Many types of wood can be used as the base for your garage door. Beyond that, you can have it stained, or painted. Bases include vertical grain cedar, incense cedar, red grandis, and mahogany.

Stains allow the wood grain to show through, while enhancing the natural beauty and warmth of your wood garage door. Oil based stains are the most appropriate for overhead doors. Paint is also a wonderful option. An equally interesting take is distressing the wood garage door, if you would like it to have a rustic, weathered look!

Steel Garage Door Finishes

Steel doors are among the most customizable out there. They can be painted in any color, embossed with a wood grain pattern and stained, and more. The variety of panel styles available lends itself well to building an overhead door as unique as you want. With an attractive, easy maintenance regimen, it’s no wonder steel garage doors are among the most popular choices on the market!

Aluminium Garage Door Finishes

Even contemporary doors have many available finishes. Anodize, powder coat finishes, a variety of bold colors available! Customizing your contemporary garage door adds to your home’s curb appeal with a touch of modern, sleek style.

Finishes are a great way to ensure your garage door is perfectly suited to your home’s exterior. A unique, well maintained garage door leaves a strong first impression on guests and buyers alike. A beautiful garage door helps you give your home a select aesthetic, with a very high return of investment.

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