The importance of regular garage door maintenance Calgary

Like any other mechanical component of your household, regular garage door maintenance is required for your garage door to function correctly.

At Advantage Garage Doors, we cannot stress the importance of preventative garage door maintenance and its vital role in ensuring the door and all of its components live up to its full potential.

Whether you decide to perform garage door maintenance tasks yourself or prefer to contact one of our technicians – garage door maintenance is paramount in maximizing your door’s longevity.


Steel garage door

If your door is steel, we highly recommend washing it once per year, using one cup of detergent containing less than 0.5% phosphate diluted into five gallons of warm water. Using a soft brush or sponge, clean the garage door panels. To finish, rinse abundantly to prevent residue from showing.

Wooden garage doors

If your garage door is wooded, we recommend cleaning it once every quarter, using a simple cloth. If the seal on your wooden garage door is in good shape, do so using a dampened cloth.

Inspect the outside of your garage door for signs of swelling, rot, and wood-eating insects. Signs indicating the presence of pests can be small holes in the door surface or signs of tunnelling. Therefore, Should you notice any of these on your door, you should contact a professional to inspect your property. Additionally, Regarding swelling and signs of rot. we welcome you to contact one of our garage door specialists to determine the next best step. We are here to help.

​Finally, refinishing a wooden door should occur every three to five years, depending on use as well as wear and tear. You should clean the wood with a wood degreaser before sanding. Any cracks should be filled with wood putty and sanded down. Once dry and clean, the next step is painting the door with wood stain and sealer, protecting your door from the elements for years to come. Additionally, We recommend contacting your local carpenter in regards to wooden garage door refinishing. 

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door hardware

​The first step of garage door maintenance is a visual inspection. For that reason, Look at the torsion springs, cables, rollers, hinges, and other hardware parts for signs of wear or rust. Should any of these components present excessive wear, rust, or otherwise are looking damaged, please contact one of our trained garage door technicians to perform a repair.

Many garage door parts can present a danger to you. As such, we highly recommend getting a trained expert if you suspect any hardware component of your door is faulty.

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The moving parts of your garage door hardware should be lubricated regularly using a non-silicone-based lubricant. However, you should not lubricate plastic parts!

Garage door balance

To test the garage door balance. ​First, release the garage door from the garage door opener by pulling on the release string. Only do this when your door is fully closed. Do not disengage the door from the motor if it is even partially open under any circumstance.

Manually lift the door. It should not be heavy, and you should encounter little resistance. The door should remain open about three or four feet above floor level. Concceqentely, If it does not, your door is out of balance.

For garage door maintenance and To rebalance your door, contact one of our experienced garage door technicians.