Garage Door Opener Repair Calgary

Garage door openers Calgary

Your garage door opener is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most vital components of your entire garage door system. At Advantage Garage Doors, we can not only help you with your garage door opener repair. We can also help you with selecting the most appropriate garage door opener for your household.

A garage door opener contains a great variety of parts. As such, if you suspect that your opener isn’t operating as smoothly as it should, do not attempt fixing it yourself. It is easy to cause more damage, leading to an unnecessarily expensive garage door opener repair or even a replacement.

We train our garage door technicians to detect problems with all parts of a garage opener. If we find it cost-effective for you, the client, we will repair those parts of your garage door opener. Conceqeintely, In certain situations, replacing the faulty opener with a new one is the more sensible and affordable choice.

If you suspect your garage door opener isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we will send an experienced technician to you as promptly as possible to prevent further damage to your garage door and its components.

Is my garage door opener broken?

Since modern garage door openers are composed of many different parts, it is difficult for a non-specialist to pinpoint the opener as the faulty garage door component.
However, some common issues usually tend to point in that direction. An example is a door that starts opening but cannot do so thoroughly. This technical issue has several possible causes, one of them being an improperly functioning garage door opener.

Another sign to watch out for while attempting to open your garage door is hearing the garage door opener working while the door remains firmly grounded. Any unusual noise coming from your garage opener warrants an inspection from a trained technician. When we catch the issue early enough, repair and readjustment may still be viable options. Therefore,
we believe prevention is the best medicine!
Our professional garage door technicians work with all the major brands of garage door openers, ensuring the ability to provide you with the most efficient service possible.

At Advantage Garage Doors, we perform same-day and emergency garage door opener repair and replacement. hence, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues!

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Selecting a garage door opener

Selecting a suitable garage door opener for you and your family is key. When deciding which garage door opener to install, you must consider which features are the most important.
Which safety features are musts?
Is remote access a necessity?
Is noise a critical factor, or is your garage detached from your home?
Does your garage have an exceptionally high ceiling?
What is your current budget?

Using all of these questions and more, our technicians will assist you in selecting the best choice for your family. Additionally, we are providing garage door openers from brands well known for being at the forefront of the industry, and when it comes to you and your family – we offer nothing but the best.

Chain drive garage door openers

Chain drive garage door openers are some of the most common, being very durable and usually the most affordable choice. However, they aren’t ideal for households with a bedroom above the garage, as they do tend to be on the noisier side.

Belt drive garage door opener

Belt drive garage door opener

Belt drive garage door openers are noticeably quieter than chain drive openers, due to the rubber belt replacing the chain. In general, rubber belts are steel-reinforced, and are extremely durable, with the premium models offering a lifetime warranty. As such, They are ideal for households with an attached garage in close proximity to living quarters. Also, The belt drive will reduce vibration, helping your opener go unnoticed while at work!

Chain drive garage door opener

Jack shaft garage door opener

Jackshaft garage door openers. While less common in the residential setting, owners of garages with particularly tall ceilings favour these units, as we mount them on the wall next to the door itself. Subccqeintely, providing you with a lot of open space. Generally spiking, If your garage is noticeably taller than standard, a jackshaft opener may be the most appropriate for you.

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Garage door opener safety features

We offer a variety of safety features with our garage door openers. Modern openers have a few key characteristics to lessen the risk of injury. Additionally, they will assist in protecting your home from intruders.

Photo eyes

Photo eyes are also known as safety sensors. Nowadays, Having garage door photo eyes is a requirement. Having Photo eyes minimizes the risk of injury while using your overhead door. For example, if an obstacle, or a person, crosses the path of the safety sensors – they will prevent the door from closing.

Rolling codes

Many modern garage door openers feature rolling codes. Having a rolling code feature generates a new code after each opening of your garage door. Therefore, this prevents potential intruders from intercepting a code that they could use to access your garage.

Auto-close feature

The auto-close feature comes in handy in settings with frequent unsupervised access to and from the garage, such as residential buildings, shopping malls, or any workplace with a large garage.  Auto-close allows vehicles to enter and exit, without having to wait to ensure the door closes back behind them. 


Garage door openers with built-in Wi-Fi can be connected to your home, or to an application, offering remote control and supervision. You can open or close your door from afar, and receive notifications when your garage door is in use.

Garage door locks

This feature is incredibly useful for getaways and vacations. Your garage door can be locked manually, or via an application. This will prevent remotes from opening your garage, allowing you to enjoy your time away worry-free.