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Garage Door Repair: Top 10 Helpful Tips

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We often spend a lot of money to get a problem fixed. Turns out, if you have had a little knowledge on the subject, you will figure out that the problem was quite simple and easy to solve.

The same goes for garage door repair! Sometimes, there might just be a problem with batteries or sensors, but because you have no idea of what might have gone wrong, you end up calling a professional garage door repair company and paying a hefty fee.

That’s exactly why it is important to have adequate knowledge of garage doors. You must be acquainted with major parts and their working mechanism. It helps figure out the problem and fix it yourself. Here, mechanical inclination comes handy too. If you aren’t that sort of a person, looking out for professional help is the best option.

However, here are the top 10 helpful tips to help you understand and make garage door repairs:

1.    If Your Door Does Not Lower, Check the Sensor

You press the button, but the door doesn’t go down; it presents a sensor problem. Now, there can be two potential issues with your sensor:

Placement Issue

Over time, the mechanical parts usually displace from their position. So start with checking the position and location of your sensor. If you find no noticeable difference try placing it in a lower position. Most of the time, it works!


Blocking is one of the major causes of improper working of your garage door. Make sure nothing is blocking the sensor. Remove any such objects if lying in the way.

2.    Garage Door Opener/Remote Issues

While you are checking down all the mechanical parts of your garage door, the problem might be with the operator. Yes, your garage door opener or remote. Sometimes, all it takes is changing the batteries. This is the easier garage door repair to make. So before you take on the complex fixing system repairs, make sure there is nothing wrong with the remote.

It can save a lot of time and effort. However, if batteries pose no problem, look into the electric system for any issue.

3.    Get Help for the Manpower

Before you plan to do your garage repair, know that there is going to be some heavy lifting. Other than this, there are certain aspects where a single person can’t handle the job.

If you are not physically fit, lifting off the parts, belts or chains can be very painful. What you can do here is call a friend and get some help with heavy lifting. This way, you ensure your safety. You can also save a lot of costs for if something breaks off while managing everything your own, the repair or replacement can be quite expensive.

4.    Check if it Requires any Adjustments

Just like placement, adjustment slips over time. This results in the problematic functioning of your garage door. Fixing the adjustment is really easy, though.

All you need to do is increase the force setting to adjust it. For that, there is a knob at the top of the door. Rotate the knob in the clockwise direction slowly. Meanwhile, keep checking if the door has started working like before. When you find so, just leave the knob right there.

5.    Lubricate and Fix Nuts and Bolts

As you open or close your door, you might be hearing some screeching sounds. If yes, you have loosened nuts and bolts. It’s time to fix them. And for that, you need the basic tools.

However, it is best to lubricate your nuts and bolts before fixing them in the right place. It helps get rid of the noises and ensure the good working of your garage door.

6.    Does Motor Keep Running?

Sometimes, the motor deviates from the running limit. No matter you are raising or lowering your door or not, it keeps running. In this case, you need to find its limit switch and make an adjustment. Otherwise, it can damage other parts of your garage door as well.

Usually, the limit switch comes at the track or the rear. Once you fix it, check it again. If it still keeps running, you should call a professional.

7.    Ensure Safety Maintenance

Every mechanical or electrical system needs maintenance. And, so does your garage door. It is crucial to go for an annual inspection to ensure all the garage door parts are in good working condition.

It becomes even more important if you observe any problem with your garage door. This ensures timely repairs and saves you from expensive replacements or any huge damage.

8.    Set a Cleaning Regime

Your garage door does not require any high-end maintenance; however, you need to have a cleaning regime. Clean the tracks, chains, belts, and bolts every three to four months. You can use a simple concentrated house cleaner to do the job.

It removes all the dirt and grease. This way, the tracks keep running smoothly, and there appears no big problem.

9.    Check if the Springs Need Replacement

Springs are another significant part of a garage door. When your garage door raises or lowers really slow, there might be a problem with springs.

To check, unplug the door from electricity and open/close the door manually. If it is hard to raise or lower it, your springs need replacement.

The type of springs varies from door to door. Check which one is yours and if you can replace them yourself.

10. Seek Professional Help

If you have tried everything mentioned above, it is time to seek professional help with the repair, With great knowledge and expertise, they will fix your garage door problem.


Sometimes, garage door repairs are as simple as changing the remote batteries, while at other times, there can be a complex electrical or mechanical issue. If you have looked into all the do-it-yourself repairs and it still does not work properly, it is best to ask for a professional. This is important to save yourself and the door from any additional damage.

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