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Our technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment to take measurements and show you our catalogue – helping you select the best garage door for your home. In addition, our garage door sales team is always ready to aid you in building the next eye-catching addition to your house!

Furthermore, using our custom garage door builder, we can provide you with a personalized quote for your dream garage door! With a slew of features, including uploading an image of your home to create the perfect garage door for it, to various models and customization options, this is the tool you need to use before buying a new garage door!


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At Advantage Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality garage doors while keeping affordability in mind. As one of the first elements of your home seen by guests, it leaves a lasting impression. In addition, the multitude of options we offer allows you to showcase your style truly.

Custom Garage Doors

The first step in our garage door sales process is creating your custom garage door with our builder program is determining the required dimensions by measuring the frame. For example, a typical single car garage requires a 7’ high by 8’ wide door, while a standard double garage requires a 7’ by 16’ wide door.
Next, you can either upload an image of your home or select one of the sample homes provided that most closely matches your own. Following this, select the door model.
When selecting a model, the available garage door insulation rates appear.

Overview of Garage Door Models

Amarr Lincoln – Garage Door Sales

Our best-selling, most popular door by far, the Lincoln, is a stunning traditional door – near unmatched in its versatility. Low-maintenance steel, coupled with a wide variety of available designs, make this garage door one of the easiest to customize. Outstanding quality and a great price point make this garage door one of the most popular options among Albertans. Generally speaking, though, it may not be immediately obvious due to the sheer possibilities of customization! Available in three different CFC-free insulation levels, mosaic window options, and even wind load – the Amarr Lincoln is the king of custom doors!

When Thinking of garage door sales Amarr Lincoln is the first option that comes to mined

Price: $

Amarr Heritage – Gargae Door Sales

The Amarr Heritage is a versatile, heavy-duty steel garage door. It is customizable to both carriage house and traditional designs. Along with its low maintenance and enhanced safety features, this garage door offers great value and style. In addition, the mosaic option allows you to select custom windows. With the variety of colours and panel styles available, this contributes to creating a unique custom garage door at an unbeatable price. Coupled with a built-in Safeguard system, the risk of pinch injuries to the homeowner is minimized. Furthermore, wind load is available where required.

Price: $$

Amarr Olympus – Garage Door Sales

The Olympus garage door model offers high insulation values in a traditional style. The triple-layered steel construction improves home thermal efficiency using CFC-free insulation. In addition, the Olympus features heavy-duty garage door hardware, for a long-lasting operation, along with a slew of options for customization. A variety of panel constructions, colours, and window placements help you create a unique door to match your home, enhancing curb appeal drastically! Therefore, Amarr Olympus is Highly favoured by our garage door sales team.

Price: $$

Amarr Olympus - Garage door sales

Amarr Hillcrest

When it comes to garage door sales the Hillcrest is one of our most popular styles, it offers the best value in the realm of our carriage house options! Highly customizable, low-maintenance steel. Available in three different insulation levels, this series provides unique garage door designs. Amarr Hillcrest is a beautiful example of versatility and can boast either a carriage house look or a more traditional style. Additionally, with various window designs, panel constructions, and colours available, the Hillcrest garage door can truly be made one-of-a-kind. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it is one of our bestselling garage doors! The CFC-free insulation dampens exterior noise while increasing home thermal efficiency. Indeed, this model also offers wind load options.

Price: $$

Amarr Classica

No one would guess that the Classica is made entirely of durable, low-maintenance steel with its authentic carriage house looks! The Classica garage door allows natural light in your garage with its large window designs while offering a classic, warm look. The Classica model is now also available in Full View for a modern, sleek look. Additionally, the variety of insulation options allows you to select the one best suited for your home. Additionally, this garage door comes with added security features, such as the SafeGuard System, designed to reduce homeowners’ pinch and hand injury risk. On top of that, wind load options are available should you live in an area requiring increased resistance to high-pressure winds. Therefore, Our garage door sales team favours this model.

Price: $$$

Amarr Designer’s Choice

The Designer’s Choice boasts imposing insulation values, making it a stylish carriage house option and an efficient, durable. In addition, they offer high thermal efficiency, helping you keep your utilities low during the harsh Albertan winters. Many window designs and inserts are available, with over twenty different types, making this door one of the most customizable we offer. Our garage door sales team loves playing around with the endless options this model offers. Additionally, The standard hardware provided with this garage door is heavy-duty, and the insulation is free of CFC. The four classics, timeless panel designs are available in many colours and mimic wood grains for a truly custom garage door experience.

Price: $$$

Amarr Designer’s Choice - Garage door sales

Amarr Carriage Court

A classic carriage house design boasts a variety of overlay options! The Carriage Court model is manufactured using insulated steel with a composite overlay. Therefore, providing a low-maintenance door that gives off a rustic farmhouse style or a sleek modern look based on the selected colour and overlay trim. Amaar builds the overlay using green, eco-friendly techniques while remaining rot, decay, and fungus resistant – for a door that will look just as good as the day we installed it years down the line. The steel construction boasts four layers for a CFC-free insulated garage door boosting energy efficiency and reducing noise pollution. In addition, this garage door model’s charm adds a wide array of available decorative hardware and large, regal windows.

To conclude, if you are in the market for a rustic vibe without endless maintenance chores, our garage door sales experts recommend considering the Amarr Carriage Court.

Price: $$$$

Amarr Carriage Court - Garage door sales

Amarr Vista

The Amarr Vista garage door is the epitome of modernity. Sleek aluminum frames, customizable glass and clean lines make this garage door a work of art. Unique tempered glass options offer as much – or as little- visibility as you would like. In addition, this full-view garage door is highly customizable with six anodized, 21 powder coats, and 26 PVDF finishes. For a modern garage door that looks like it could belong in a design magazine, you need to look no further than Amarr Vista! This model is unique and modern. Therefore, it is favoured by architects as well as our garage door sales team.

Price: $$$$$

Amarr Horizon

When it comes to garage door sales, The stunning clean lines and glass panels make the Amarr Horizon an actual statement piece. Modern and sleek, it is sure to catch the eye of every passerby. 6 anodized, 21 powder coats, and 26 PVDF aluminum finishes, along with tons of glass glazing options, provide a genuinely customizable design. This stylish garage door is perfect for you if you love contemporary, ultramodern looks!

Price: $$$$$

Amarr Horizon - Garage door sales

Panel Design and Windows

Each door model offers a variety of garage door panel designs and window options. Long garage door panels are incredibly versatile and popular for double garage doors, while short panels remain favoured for single garage doors. Flush panels add a flair of modernity. In the realm of carriage house garage doors, various specialty panels are available to suit your style. Additionally, if you are not sure which would suit your home best, Our garage door sales specialists will go through all the options with you to assure a perfect fit the complements your home.

Window placement can be done automatically as a top row, or you can let your creative spirit take over with our Mosaic window options! Mosaic windows allow you to select the panel sections where you would like glass panes and the type of glass and insert present. We offer many glazing options, from clear, to frosted and even tinted. Inserts are available in several styles to finish customizing your new garage door.


The colour section offers a selection of standards and popular custom choices, like classic true white or modern charcoal. Additionally, three mimic wood grains are available for most garage doors, offering the warm, rich look of a wood garage door without the upkeep. Notably, our garage door sales team is always equipped with colour samples.

Beyond these options, Amarr offers the Color Zone selection. Color Zone includes hundreds of Sherwin-Williams colours for a fully custom door! Using keywords or the code number of a specific colour – you can make your garage door as unique as possible!

Decorative Hardware

The addition of decorative garage door hardware provides another layer of interest to the exterior aspect of your home. Therefore, available for all carriage house models, handles, hinges, and clavos help complete your custom design. Additionally, sets can be regal or rustic, magnetic or screwed in, and much more!

Your Personalized Quote

Our garage door sales team is always available to assist. After either sending us an estimate request through the door builder or with the help of one of our technicians, you will receive your own personalized estimate via e-mail! In addition, we will often send out additional options that are similar in style or specifications to ensure you truly get the best match!

Your Perfect Garage Door

At Advantage Garage Doors, we strive to provide you with the most suitable garage door options. All you need to do is provide us with your budget, style preferences, and any must-have requirements such as R-value, and relax! Then, let us provide you with the best garage door options for your family! Finally, we are here to help you find the gem that ticks all of your boxes and provide you with your new beautiful garage door.

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