Garage door spring repair Calgary

Garage door springs are one of the most critical components of your garage door, yet Homeowners tend to overlook the springs until significant problems apiaries. Springs that are appropriately sized and installed are crucial to having a well-balanced overhead door. That, in turn, is essential to lengthening your garage door opener’s lifespan.
A garage door spring system may have visible springs, in which case a break is easy to spot. In the case of hidden garage door springs, a technician can identify the break and replace the system with a more practical spring system.

Garage door spring replacement

We are always available for same or next-day garage door spring repair Calgary and surroundings!

At Advantage Garage Doors, we install oil-tempered garage door torsion springs of the highest quality, per industry safety standards, ensuring proper function and promoting the longevity of your garage door system.

As garage door springs are under extremely high tension, any damage represents a great deal of danger. Never attempt replacing a damaged garage door spring by yourself, doing so can result in severe injury. Equally important, If you have issues with your garage door opener, this may be due to a garage door spring repair requirement.

If you suspect one or both of your springs are damaged or broken, do not hesitate to call us immediately for garage door spring repair—this is a safety hazard in your homeWe are garage door repair experts

Are my garage door springs broken?

Several signs point at a damaged or broken garage door spring. Firstly, a deafening ”bang” is usually heard as the door spring snaps. Additionally, a spring that is improperly balanced, of the wrong size, damaged, or broken will make your door feel heavy and impossible to lift. In other words, effectively trapping you in or out of your garage.
When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call us, our experienced, professionals will replace your springs promptly and efficiently. To sum up, For your safety, please do not attempt to perform garage door springs repair without the proper know-how.

We perform same-day garage door spring repair/ replacement and garage door balancing.

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The garage door torsion spring mechanism

A garage door torsion spring system uses oil-tempered or galvanized steel coils, In effect, it is a counterbalance system. Composed of several springs on a steel shaft running horizontally above your garage door, with cable drums at each end. Finely, Three bearings support the system – one in the center and one on each end. The counterbalance garage door cables run from two brackets at the bottom of your garage door to the cable drums. Most garage doors will have oil-tempered springs.

How it works

When Winding up the garage door springs we are creating the necessary torque to lift and lower your overhead door. By transferring the torque from the spring to the cable drums, using the shaft we keep the garage door cables taut. Subsequently, we are using the tension from the springs to support the weight of your garage door. we do this by transferring energy from the garage door springs through the garage door cables.

When the door is opening and transferring to the horizontal tracks, the torque remaining in the springs is allowing the overhead door to stay in an open position.
The high tension in the torsion spring system is what gives us the ability to lift and lower our door. As such, you will harshly feel any damage to this system.

How many garage door springs do I need?

The deciding factor in the number of door springs required for your door is its weight. Most single garage doors, made of aluminum or steel, only need one spring to provide the necessary torque to counter their weight. Larger residential doors will usually require a pair of springs. Hefty doors, such as ornate wood garage doors, might require up to three or four springs.
Although only one spring is necessary in the case of very light doors, installing a pair of springs is recommended as it eases the pressure and wears put on the center bearing, lengthening your hardware’s life span.

Garage door spring Calgary lifespan

Your typical garage door torsion spring will last 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. A cycle is one opening and closing of your garage door. As we typically install springs together, we recommend replacing both when one reaches the end of its cycle life. The reasoning behind this is that the second spring should follow shortly. Not to mention, having springs in different conditions accelerates the wear and tear of the newer spring.

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