Protection against harsh Canadian weather

Living in Alberta, with its harsh winters and extended periods of below-freezing weather and winds, we know all too well our home has to be properly insulated. However, many forget to protect a crucial part of the home from the elements : the garage!

Maintaining your garage door weather stripping Calgary is a crucial part of preparing for winter, ensuring the heat stays in, the wind stays out, and the heating bill stays down. Garage door weather seal is available in a wide variety of colours and materials, ensuring your door finds its match. 

When to replace your weather stripping

​Over time, harsh climate takes its toll on your garage door weather seal, reducing its efficiency. It can crack, tear, or lose its shape – leaving your garage vulnerable to the elements.

​If you see significant daylight shining through, feel the wind, or hear its whistles – your garage door weather seal is damaged. Obvious cracks, tears, or a misshapen look also indicate that it is time to replace your weather seal.

​Whether your weather strip, your bottom rubber, or both need attention, replacing weather seal is a relatively inexpensive repair. However, for optimal results as well as safe transport of the 16 foot long steel or vinyl weather seal, your best bet is contacting a professional. At Advantage Garage Doors, we have extensive experience in weather-proofing garage doors, readying them for the cold winter ahead. Also see the COMMERCIAL GARAGE DOOR REPAIR

Choosing A Weather Stripping

​Several types of weather stripping are available, each with its advantages.

Vinyl weather stripping is the cheapest. However, this comes at the cost of its longevity – it loses shape and cracks much faster than its sturdier cousin, steel weather seal. It is available in a wide array of colours.

Steel weather seal is slightly costlier than vinyl, while remaining affordable. At Advantage Garage Doors, we highly recommend installing steel weather seal. It is a durable, heavy duty option ready to brave Albertan winters. As with vinyl seal, it comes in a variety of colours, ensuring your door gets its match.

Bottom rubber, another part of your weather seal, protects your garage from undue moisture and pests, such as mice. When examining your side and top seals, don’t forget to give the bottom rubber a look to ensure it is in good working condition.