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How Your Garage Door Can Protect You And Your Family

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As the largest entry point to your home, your garage door and its condition have a direct impact on your home’s health. A properly fitting, well insulated garage door does so much more than just keep the cold out!

Insulated doors not only help keep your house warm, they also mitigate noise pollution. An insulated door with a high R-value can help provide comfort and privacy in the concrete jungle. A snugly fitting weather seal provides an additional layer of protection, this time from pests seeking the warmth of your home, as well as humidity – which can worsen the air quality of your home, introduce mold in your garage, and damage the metallic components of your door – leading to a shorter lifespan.

When it comes to your home, you understandably want to prevent or mitigate any potential damage, which may result in costly repairs or danger to the members of your households. When replacing your door, we advise you to think of the long-term benefits of an insulated garage door with adequate weather seal. While marginally more expensive than their uninsulated counterparts, they are an investment that pays off for the years to come.

Healthy doors for a healthy home !

The Advantage Garage Door Team

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