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Know It All! – Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

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Chain drive garage door openers are among the most common. Efficient, at an affordable price point, and durable, it is no wonder that they enjoy a lasting popularity.

Chain drive garage door openers are one of three types of trolley systems.

Chain Drive Opener Mechanism

The chain drive opener works by using a chain running along a rail. That chain is fitted around the sprocket, in the motor unit. The chain is connected to an idle sprocket at the other end of the rail. This system allows the trolley to move back and forth, and open the garage door.

Chain Drive Opener Issues

With time, the chain on your garage door opener can loosen. This means that periodic inspection and maintenance are necessary. Compared to a belt drive garage door opener, chain drive openers are noisy, and must be lubricated often. However, their lower price point makes them a desirable choice for many homeowners, particularly if the garage is detached.

Many reliable brands of chain drive garage door openers are on the market, such as Linear, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and more. With the sheer variety of models, customers looking to buy a chain opener have a wealth of quality options to choose from!

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