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LED Bulb Guide for Garage Door Opener

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LED bulbs make a great alternative to fluorescent bulbs. These come in small sizes and so, make a highly compact lighting option for electric garages. These are quite energy-efficient and will reduce your electricity bill by large. They last longer than fluorescent bulbs. You will also not have to deal with the disrupted connection between the remote control and door opener as LED bulbs do not affect the signals.

Given all these great benefits, many homeowners have replaced their fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs while the others are just looking forward to changing them. After all, who does not like to have a cost-efficient and long-lasting solution to their everyday needs?

This guide comes with all the important information you need to gain regarding LED bulbs for your garage door opener.

What are LED Bulbs?

Let’s look into the little history first!

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED bulbs are small semiconductor devices that use electric current to light up. They consume less energy than incandescent light bulbs that waste 95% of energy supply in heat. With LED bulbs, there’s no energy wasted.

Also, they come in two different forms: high-output and low-output. Depending on your requirements, you can go for the more suitable ones.

If you also use your garage as a workshop, high-output LED bulbs make a better option. However, if you only want them to light up to you park your car, low-output bulbs providing dim light are great!

Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

There are a variety of benefits that come associated with using LED bulbs for your garage door opener. These include:

Highly Energy Efficient

LED bulbs save up to 85% of energy, making a great reduction in your electricity bill.


LED bulbs come with a lifespan of 25,000 service hours. Their daily usage average is 3 hours. This is really useful if the only source of light in your garage are these LED bulbs on your garage door opener.

Instant Light

LED bulbs light up instantly and do not require any warmup time. Also, they emit very little heat.

How to Choose the Best LED Bulb for Garage Door Opener?

Well, it is important to note here that not all LED bulbs work well with garage door openers. You need to conduct a good research before picking LED bulbs.

Here are the most significant factors to consider:

1.      Weather Resistance

Mostly, garages are located on the ground floor, having a direct weather impact. Not all bulbs can endure all the weather conditions. The LED bulb you pick should work well in all weather conditions. Whether it’s hot, cold, or raining, your bulb should work fine as long as it receives the right power input. 

Buying the LED bulbs that are specially designed for garage use makes the ideal choice!

2.      Vibration and Shatter Resistant

Your garage is the area where vibration and shattering take place all year round. When you open or close the door, turn your car’s engine, or are working in your garage, there will be a lot of shaking and smashing.

The right LED bulb is the one that can withstand vibration, shattering, and any such high impact noises. Look for a garage LED bulb that comes with over 5G force.

3.      Lifespan and Wattage Output

The average lifespan of LED bulbs is 25000 service hours. These are durable and offer the right output. You can keep your garage door LED bulb lit for 3 hours every day.

Consider the output too. For an LED bulb for the garage door opener, it should range between 40 and 60 watts.

The Best LED Bulbs for Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain, a well-reputed company of garage door hardware and technologies, has listed down some of the best brands for LED bulbs for garage door opener:

Philips42525640 W
CREEBA19-04527OMF-12DE26-2U10040 W
3MRRA19B460 W
Sylvania7255460 W

Final Thoughts

If you are still unable to pick the right LED bulb for your garage door opener, it is best to take help from a professional. Given years of his experience and expertise, he must guide you well regarding the best-LED bulb.

Also, you might need professional assistance to replace your traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs!

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