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The Best LiftMaster Accessories for a Smart Garage

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We drive around in smart cars; we watch our favorite shows on smart TVs, we have our smartphones in hands all the time – all of these smart devices make our life more connected yet more controllable. Smart technology has made everyday lives exceptionally convenient, allowing us to take hold of different aspects of our life through a single touch.

LiftMaster is a great name in the garage door industry. Their quality products have helped them gain and enjoy a good reputation. Who thought we would be able to control out the garage door with a few taps on our smartphone/ Well, LiftMaster made the dream of a smart garage come true!

Here are some of the best LiftMaster units and accessories to turn your old garage door into a smart garage door. Read on!

1.    LiftMaster Garage Door Opener (8550W)

Yes, I closed the garage door. Wait, maybe I didn’t! Sounds familiar?

We have all been there. If you were in a rush and now, you cannot remember if you closed your garage door or locked it in place, you must be thinking of driving back!

Well, with the new Garage Door Opener 8550W from the house of LiftMaster, there is no need to waste the fuel.

All the LiftMaster garage door accessories are compatible with its MyQ application. It notifies you if your garage door is opened for too long. You can also check the status of your garage door through the app. You can close and lock your garage door and open it for friends and family while you are away. 

2.    LiftMaster Wireless Light Control (825LM)

Do you return home late at night? Well, it is not good to keep your home dark. It indicates that you are not at home and increases security risk.

LiftMaster Wireless Light Control 825LM allows you to control your lights while you are away. So right as the sun sets, you can turn your garage door opener bulbs on using your MyQ app and no more returning back to a dark home every day! 

3.    LiftMaster Remote Light Switch (823LM)

Another LiftMaster accessory that can come in handy to control your garage door lights is Remote Light Switch 823LM. Using this garage door opener remote control, you can turn on the lights right as you reach home. 

This allows easy and safe parking, as you can see for any objects lying in the way and keep your car from hitting!

4.    LiftMaster Nest Cam

MyQ app lets you control everything in your garage. Why not advance it a bit and add another crucial component?

LiftMaster Nest Cam is an indoor security camera. It allows you to see what is going on in your garage while you are not at home.

Did you leave your pet in the garage? With LiftMaster Nest Cam, you can keep an eye on your pet.

Are you expecting any delivery? With this camera, you can see through your smartphone if the delivery guy has delivered the right products.

In addition to video, Nest Cam also comes with audio features. This way, you can tell your pet to be calm or your delivery guy that where should he leave your order. In short, it allows you to make sure everything is going well in your absence.

Other LiftMaster Accessories

In addition to the above-mentioned LiftMaster accessories, several others could come in handy. Here’s a list:

  • Wireless Keyless Entry System (877 MAX). It allows you to enter the house with a single click on the MyQ app to open the garage door. Often, when we are back from work, we are too tired to manually open the garage door or call someone from the inside to open it with the remote.
  • Door & Gate Monitor (829LM). With this advanced monitor, you can control all the gates in your home with a single remote. It allows you to monitor and close up to four garage doors or gates in your home. It comes with LED and audible alerts!
  • Laser Parking Accessory (975LM). This laser parking accessory helps you with parking your car at the right place in your garage. It is ideal for two-car garages so that you leave enough room for the other car.

Final Thoughts

LiftMaster has completely revolutionized the way your garage operates. From garage door opener to lights, camera, and parking assistance, they have designed the best accessory to cater to all your different needs. So, are you ready to have a smart garage? 

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