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Transforming Your Garage Into a Living Area

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Whether you have a double garage and only one vehicle, or are simply looking to add some usable space for your favorite hobbies – the possibilities when it comes to your garage as a living space are endless! At Advantage Garage Doors, we can transform your garage from a simple vehicle storage to a space that will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood!

An insulated garage is a must, however, especially if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate. A successful garage development requires adequate insulation of the walls, ceilings, and garage door. This begins with an insulated garage door, followed by professional weather sealing. Taking these steps will ensure your new garage stays warm in the winter and pleasantly cool on hot summer days.

Transforming your garage into a home gym is quite easy! All you need is comfortable flooring, and racks for your weights, mats, and any other supplies you might need. Using your garage area can help you create a next-level workout space!

If you love working on cars and bikes, a few additions can transform your garage into the perfect home mechanic station! This is especially doable if your garage has a relatively high ceiling, allowing you to elevate the vehicles you work on. Shelves for tools and products make a beautiful addition to your zen work space.

Your garage can provide the ideal space for a workshop, as an amateur or professional carpenter! With easy to clean floors, soundproofed walls, and organization stations for all of your favorite tools! You can have everything you need, from storage to a table saw, fit neatly in your new work area!

Finally, the coolest of man caves can be built in your garage! Arcades, television, a home bar, pool table, table tennis… The possibilities are endless! Your unused garage can become a spot to kick back and relax with friends after a long day at work.

There are many more things one can do to their garage, customizing it based on their needs and wants! Feel free to contact us to start building up your dream garage!


The Advantage Garage Door Team

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